The Buzz and Bane of New Product Releases from the Perspective of the Smartphone Case Industry

stevenbock200By Steven L. Bock, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Swaponz

Consumers get super stoked about new smartphone releases, take for example the recent release of the iPhone7, they just can’t wait to play with all those cool new features. As proven by the woes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Model, new releases are not necessarily risk free. Regardless, new smartphone releases can create a boom or bust factor for the smartphone manufacturers. Any splashes in the smartphone pond then has a big ripple in the smartphone accessories market – specifically smartphone cases.

The economics of the smartphone case market are huge (approximately $8B in the US and European markets). As a smart phone case company, we have to quickly assess consumer preferences, forecast demand, and rapidly adapt to any new features.

For the release of the iPhone7, the new phone features require a newly designed case. The elimination of the headphone jack, the addition of the stereo speakers built into the top and the base of the handset, and the changes in the camera (a larger sensor on the iPhone7 and dual lenses on the 7+), all make it necessary to develop cases specifically for the newest model.

We embrace the excitement of any new product introductions like the iPhone7 and the iPhone7+ as it ignites the industries that touch this market (like smartphone cases) to quickly follow the buzz with exciting new introductions in the accessory market. The challenge is on just in time for the busy holiday season!

About the Author: Steven L. Bock, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Swaponz, is a growth-oriented business leader with two decades of deep CEO and board experience. He has a track record of driving growth for start-ups along with established public and private companies and is recognized for his ability to create new business models, develop brand and business development strategies, and spearhead financial strategies to drive growth. Steven holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.S. in Economics/Accounting from SUNY Albany. In addition to being Executive Chairman of Swaponz, Steven currently provides leadership and valuable insight as a board member or advisor to Healthier Cleaning Innovations LLC, Rental Beast, and 2020 Women on Boards.