The Beginning of Mainstream Decentralization: Sylo Launches Oya


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Software development firm Sylo has launched Oya, a rework of their backend architecture that leads the way for mainstream decentralization.

Centering around the release of user-run nodes, the technology released in the Oya launch is the final pivotal stage of the long-held Sylo vision to democratize access to communication and financial capabilities, without sacrificing privacy, personal data and user experience.

Through Oya, Sylo transforms its over a quarter of a million users into empowered participants able to easily take part by either strengthening the Sylo Network through their usage, or by extending the power and reach of the network by running a Sylo Node. Special attention has been given to transform these technical concepts into simple realities, and everyday users will be able to participate in these previously complex technologies by means of straightforward UI in their Sylo Smart Wallet.

For decentralized apps, the launch of Oya results in the ability to run without a single point of control, all while scaling at rates of experience quality never before possible. Overall, the outcome of Oya is a powerful user-run network that can scale to support millions of users, transactions, apps, and businesses.

After nearly a year of concentrated work from the Sylo backend development team, the Oya launch solves many of the previously unworkable issues experienced by decentralized technologies, propelling decentralization forward to a real-world, viable solution for Sylo users everywhere. It also sets a solid base for exciting functionalities such as stake and yield opportunities, like Sylo Social DeFi, which will be released to the Sylo Smart Wallet in the coming months.

“We consider the Oya Launch the beginning of mainstream decentralization,” says Ben Jordan, Sylo Co-Founder and Product Director. “We’ve solved the hard issues of scalability, performance, and fair-reward in a decentralized setting, allowing developers to build apps with a real competitive advantage. The launch of Oya brings our vision of a future worth looking forward to, a whole lot closer and we’re really excited about what can be built on this new decentralized foundation.”

Source: Blockchain Wire