The Art of Creation and Management of the Best Databases for Social Media Sites

7 Tips to Help You with Effective Big Data ManagementBy Sujain Thomas, Data IT Professional

Today, there is good cash to be made online. A good number of people make good money via freelance jobs, e-commerce websites, blogs, and even social networking websites. The last one may sound too good to be true; however, people are making some good money from their personal social media platforms. Therefore, when you have a social networking website, you are bound to make a lot more. Essentially, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are in the multi-billion dollar segment of business. You can make great wealth with a social networking site that is popular.

These social media sites are normally based on a good idea and the execution of the said idea is normally flawless. That is the reason behind their popularity. To create a good networking site, you need to consider two factors.

  • The idea behind the social networking website
  • How to execute the idea to make the site popular

The process of creating a database for your social networking website

When you choose to create a mobile app or a social networking website, it is important to have a proper database setup. Essentially, this is one of the most difficult tasks. It is not easy to construct one as you might imagine. Considerations include the number of users you want to use the mobile app or a social networking website.

For instance, when you choose to use MySQL to create the database, then it should easily be able to manage 10,000 users comfortably. Additionally, issues such as architecture of the said design as well as other issues need consideration. Architecture of the said database is among the complex feature of creation of the social networking website database.Therefore, you need to enlist people who are experts in the field.

The creation of a database is inherently costly; in addition, correcting the mistakes is very complicated. Therefore, it needs to be done correctly from the onset. This way, you get your money faster and are able to prevent unfortunate incidents. There are specific features that prove very important for every website database. Regardless of having an ecommerce or social networking website, you need to consider these factors.

  • General operability
  • Backup as well as recovery
  • Monitoring

The backup is imperative in case an accident causes loss of certain data in the database, it can be recovered. Owing to technology, fantastic databases can be set up. All you need is the right data IT expert who can identify how to back up the data that you need for your social networking website.

The capacity of your database is an important factor to consider. For a social networking website, the main issue is traffic. Once your site gains popularity, it is essential that you have the ability to manage this traffic. People will visit your site as well as relay a myriad of information at any time. Without a good database, the said traffic will bring problems to your site.

You need a database administrator. This professional will help monitor your site’s database. Small errors found in the database can render your social networking website dysfunctional. Naturally, the longer your site is off from the worldwide web, you lose more revenue. This can never be an issue when you have the right data IT expert to monitor your data at all times. There are two ways to get the right data administration services. One, you can enlist remote DBA service. These companies provide the service and place an individual to ensure your data is monitored remotely at all times. Second, you can hirean in-house DBA. Being an in-house DBA means that your social networking website data will not be managed 24/7 as the individual has to go for holidays and weekends as the rest of your employees do. Therefore, you find that remote DBA services are a better offer as they ensure there is always someone monitoring your data.

Important features for you social media database

The features discussed above are essential for all websites; nonetheless, there are features essential specifically for the social media website that you want. They include the following.


This specifically refers to response time. The performance of your database is normally measured in terms of percentages, not averages. Normally, you can manage performance for both writes as well as ready by ensuring you buffer the writes while caching the reads. The caching will help in reducing traffic to your social networking website and response time that is seen by your end users.

Essentially, caching may have issues; however, it helps the operation of your site. You get to buffer the writes during peak times so that your database manages the data.


This refers to the total number of people the site can handle at any one time. This is referred to in terms of requests per second. An excellent social networking website database system supports write scaling, read scaling, and the use of lock free data algorithms and structures.

Fault tolerance

There are those faults that your database fails to handle and there are others that it can manage. Fault tolerance means the ability of your social networking website database system to manage these faults. It is imperative to note that when this happens, your website fails to perform and this adds up to loss of revenue. Minor faults can occur and allow your site to operate. However, for major faults you need a good IT professional to ensure your site remains in the worldwide web 24/7. With the right IT data expert, you are assured that the database they create will have great tolerance for such faults. This ensures that you do not go through the headache of trying to get things fixed in order to get your site back online.

You will offer the best service to your clients if these 3 features are a part of your social networking website. You can stay calm knowing that your clients will never be disappointed. In conclusion, the article has shown that with the proper IT data expert, you have a good database that ensures your social networking website is online full time.

 About the Author: Sujain Thomas is a data IT professional who works closely with remote DBA experts. She has written many articles that would help people who deal with database support services. You can read her articles online on, etc Check out her at twitter @sujainthomas