The 5 Insurance Products Most Millennials Need


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Insurance often steps in when life throws those costly curve balls and saves the day. These unfortunate events include things like car accidents, home break-ins, vet bills, even illness or injury. 

That said, millennials tend to have different insurance needs from preceding generations. For example, property insurance is often irrelevant, as the housing market of today makes homeownership less likely on the average middle-class wage. 

Insurance for MillennialsWith this, these are some of the most common insurance policies amongst millennials. 

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is crucial for all drivers; this policy provides financial protection in instances of road accidents, vehicle repairs and even offers beneficial services like roadside assistance. 

While auto insurance is essential, it’s important to purchase insurance from a reliable insurer. Reading insurer reviews is a great way to uncover policy details; evaluating Allstate auto insurance reviews can help you decide.

Renters Insurance

With the astronomical increase in housing costs, fewer millennials can purchase homes at the same age that their parents did. This leaves a lot more renters out there. Property insurance might not be relevant to the average millennial, although renters insurance is. 

Renters insurance is a lot like property insurance, although it does not provide cover for the structure of the home, as this is the landlord’s responsibility. However, this insurance does provide cover for personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments that cover injuries sustained by others in your home. 

Pet Insurance

Due to the astronomical increase in housing costs and costs of living worldwide over the past few decades, more millennials are deciding not to have children and adopting pets instead. 

Pet insurance is now an increasingly popular insurance product with the new rise in pet ownership. This type of cover will provide financial protection for vet bills and other pet ownership costs. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a staple insurance product for everyone, even young working professionals. Because it’s impossible to predict your death accurately, it’s best to purchase this insurance product. 

You can rest assured your funeral costs will be covered with life insurance while a lump sum is paid out to your designated beneficiaries. In addition, this payout can help cover debts like mortgage loans and personal loans in the event of your untimely demise; this will spare your loved ones the burden of managing your debts after you’re gone. 

Disability Insurance

Disability cover is a form of income protection. With this insurance, you’ll receive policy benefits that supplement your income and cover costs that stem from a temporary or long-term physical disability or illness. 

Just like you cannot predict your death, you also can’t predict whether an injury or illness will render you unable to earn an income. So, it’s easy to understand why disability insurance is an essential policy. 

There are several more insurance products out there that can provide peace of mind and help you maintain financial stability. Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable to unpredictable costs and financial misfortunes, it’s best to determine your insurance coverage needs and purchase a relevant cover with a reliable insurance company.