‘The 2013 Trends Snapshot’ ‘ / Deep Dive Report on Hackdesign’ (Download)

By Terry Young, CEO & Founder, sparks & honey

What will shape business and pop culture in 2013? Elective bionic surgery, the ikarian diet, gesturcons, armchair explorations, DIY plastic surgery, handmade humans, the microbiome, the new aesthetic and ancient fitness.

We have identified 54 trends that will shape business now, next and tomorrow.

Over the next 12 months, these trends will inspire marketing executives, entrepreneurs and innovation experts and lead to the development of new startups, brand transformation, product design and branded content.

Based on the sparks & honey Culture Mapping Platform and scoring methodology, we have created this trends snapshot. We invite you to explore this report and share it with others.  (see below)

The sparks & honey team also invites you to register to download our recent Deep Dive Report on the Hackdesign Content Network, which has been bursting with energy over the past 180 days.  The trends and insights in this Deep Dive Report are valuable for marketing professionals, innovation specialists and for anyone tracking the future of design, technology, manufacturing and retail. This research can help guide you your decision making process and strategic thinking over the next six months.

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About sparks & honey: We move with the speed of a newsroom, analyzing huge amounts of cultural data in real time. Using a proprietary Culture Mapping Platform, we identify cultural bursts, score their energy levels, project their lifespans and analyze their cultural resonance. This data is aggregated into what we call Content Networks, a mapping system used to model dynamic webs of cultural activity. These Content Networks help brands understand and connect with popular culture in order to make more strategically informed business decisions. We monitor for both fast moving cultural buzz and signals of longer term change, enabling us to identify both cultural waves ripe with immediate opportunity (Fast Culture) and foundational shifts — the impact of which will play out over time (Slow Culture).