Take Charge: 5 Ways To Move Your Career


By Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

5 Ways To Move Your CareerIt’s a new year and time to take charge of your career.  Whether you just got a job or you’ve been in one for a while, now is the time to make things change.  You can start looking for a new job at a new employer or you can start getting noticed where you are.  Is there a position you want?  Go after it.  Start demonstrating to your supervisors and senior management that you have the potential to move up in the company.  How?

1.  Know the opportunities.  Before you can ask for a promotion, you have to know what you want and why you want it.  Do your homework and find out what skills the job needs.  Before you state your interest in a position you must be able to discuss what you can bring to the role.  If you don’t have all the skills, ask for training so you can get what you want.  See a need?  Maybe the position you want doesn’t exist but maybe it should.  Create a proposal and pitch it.

2.  Keep track of what you do.  If you are ready to move up, you must be able to tell your supervisor or HR not only what you want but why you are ready to move.   Be able to discuss your accomplishments and improvements you’ve made to the department/processes.

3.  Network.  Sitting in your cubicle does not get you noticed.  Ask for a mentor.  Start conversations with co-workers.  Sit with people you don’t know at lunch.

4.  Show yourself.  Being a 9 to 5 worker won’t get you anywhere.  Start to take on extra responsibilities.  You must invest in your job to move ahead.  Don’t over extend yourself but be willing to do a little extra now and then.

5.  Play the part.  Moving up means being polished.  Look at the people in the level above you and then the level above them.  Dress and act like this level.

Keep those promotions coming!


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