Supporting International Marketing and Sales through Translation


Supporting International Marketing and Sales through TranslationKen Rogers, SEO Specialist

Approximately 360 million people worldwide understand and speak English as a native language, out of a total population of 1.5 billion. Discoverability is a requirement for establishing footing and gaining a presence in a new market. Marketing and communication should be effective if companies want their name to be positioned in the minds of their targeted audiences and their business message to be understood. 

When developing a marketing and sales strategy for international expansion, companies should consider the fact that consumers search and buy things in their local language. Localizing your content is the most effective way to penetrate foreign markets nowadays. How do translation services support international marketing and sales, depending upon the dynamism of today’s worldwide commercial market? What can they do to help a worldwide marketing and sales campaign succeed? Is it true that employing translation services has a significant advantage? In this article, you’ll find the solutions to these questions. 

Creating The Trust Funnel

Without in-person interaction, businesses are figuring out how to keep their international customers by creating a trust funnel. The Internet has transformed the ways business can be conducted, enabling companies to engage their prospective clients with sales content in their native language. Translation has enabled companies to establish a trust curve to convince customers to buy their products or services. 

Delivering The Optimum Customer Service And Experience

Communicating in clients’ language is one of the most significant indicators that show companies’ responsiveness to their demands. It demonstrates the interest of companies in learning about their expectations and that their objectives are valuable to them. International marketing and sales content demonstrate a company’s goodwill, leading to increased credibility in the company. With marketing translation, companies can deliver exceptional customer service and experience. Customers will have a better and richer experience if companies provide more material in their local languages.

Customizing The Marketing Plan And Shaping The Business Message

Consumers prefer to deal in their native language and are considerably more receptive to communications delivered in it. The goal of translation is to communicate the actual message in another language as accurately as possible. However, marketing and sales content must include details that attract a particular audience. A targeted audience necessitates a fine-tuned message specifically addressing that group’s needs. The most crucial element for effective international marketing is understanding your target market and adapting your message according to them.

Translating Marketing And Sales Strategy Puts The Business On The Map

Translation strengthens the product’s presence in foreign markets. When a company addresses the questions of its international consumers with valuable information regarding its products, it becomes an international market leader. Customers must be confident about the information they obtain to help them properly utilize the product or service. Giving your customers help and assistance in their native language is a smart approach to put their minds at ease.

Translation Service Provider Delivers Professional Translation Quality

Outsourcing international marketing translation service from a service provider is one potential solution to support marketing and sales in the foreign market. Communication skills and cultural awareness are specific advantages of this method. Houston translation services is a reliable source as they have a broad network of translators and provide one-stop solutions. A discussion will be conducted in cooperation with a reputable eLearning translation service company to identify the ideal combination of services.

Keeping Up With Growing Expectations

Digitalization has raised customer expectations to unprecedented levels. They have access to a wealth of information and conduct extensive studies before buying a product. Furthermore, consumer shopping patterns have shifted dramatically in the last year. Compared to shopping in stores, consumers buy 43% more online, according to Harvard Business Review. Translation is one way to ensure that your organization stands apart from the competition.

The Bottom Line 

International marketing and sales can be carried out by adopting various approaches, depending on the size of a company. The factors listed above are the elements to consider while developing your international marketing strategy with translation in mind. Taking the appropriate decisions will have an influence on the image of your business in international markets. Further, companies can position themselves on the global map through the power of translation. 


About the Author: Ken is an experienced SEO professional. He assists businesses in improving their search engine results by optimizing copy and landing pages, as well as conducting continual keyword research. He is also very skilled in researching and implementing content recommendations for organic SEO success