Summertime Job Search: 3 Tips To Sizzle In The Job Market

Summertime Job SearchIs it productive to do a summertime job search?   Many job seekers think that recruiters/hiring managers will be away for the summer.  That’s not true.  While people do take vacations in the summer and around holidays, very few people take long vacations any more and, if they do, they have someone to cover for them.  In the business world, summer is ‘business as usual.’

Interviewing during the summer can take longer because of vacations, but candidates do get hired.  Also, as business tends to pickup during the Fall, many employers hire during the summer so employers can be in place.

How do you keep you search going in the hot times ahead?  Check out these Summertime job search tips:

1.  Network:  Use personal and social events to get the word out about your search.  Summer social events tend to be more relaxed and people tend to listen.  Meet new contacts to add to your network.

2.  Keep Going:  Make a schedule and keep to it.  It might be slower, but it’s not the time to stop your search.

3.  Review Your Resume:  Is it current?  Does it adequately reflect your skills?  Do you want a Twitter resume?  Does your resume work in the digital world?

Keep working on your job search through the summer.  You will find yourself three months ahead of other candidates!