Summer Office Attire – Bikini Time? 5 Tips On What To Avoid Wearing To The Office This Summer

Summertime Job SearchMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

It’s getting hot out there and you are feeling lazy. Those nagging questions are starting…What to wear to the office?  What should my summer office attire plan be?

We’re all dealing with it…How to stay cool, yet professional as we officially begin Summer 2019 this week.

Here’s the challenge: If you are looking for a job or trying to move up the ladder at your present job, you can’t afford to have the summertime blues. It’s not ‘bikini time’. There are many steps to getting a new job, or for getting a promotion.  One of the must ‘dos’ is dressing the part.  In a survey by OfficeTeam, 80% of executives said that a person’s style of dress influences their chances of earning a promotion.  If you are looking for a job or a promotion, here’s a list of faux pas to avoid:

1.  Anything sheer.  You want the attention on you and what you are saying, not your underwear.

2.  Flip-flops.  Never, ever where flip-flops in any business environment.  Ladies, dress sandals may be acceptable but not on an interview.

3.  Short tops and low-rise pants.  No skin in the office or during an interview.

4.  T-shirts.  Keep your messages out of the office.

5.  Athletic wear is for the gym.

Your office might be more ‘fun’ than ‘corporate.’  But it is better to play it safe, particularly if you are interviewing.  If you work in a more casual environment, dress like senior management. Casual environment or not, your outfits reflect your professionalism and judgment.

Summertime dress is usually not a management state of mind!