Stunning Social Recruiting Stats: Why You Must Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in Your Job Search

Social media averse? Still trying to figure out how to turn your LinkedIn profile into job magnet for recruiters? Wondering if all those Tweets really help you build a personal brand that could help you land that next job? Consider this: Bullhorn Reach recently released some important statistics for job seekers via its “2012 Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Activity Report.”

The report took a look at the current social media activity of recruiters and job seekers across the “big three” social networks — LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. According to the data compiled from over 35,000 recruiters:

  • 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn, 42% use Twitter, and 33% use Facebook
  • 48% of recruiters use LinkedIn exclusively
  • Recruiters are actively building their followings:  The average recruiter has 616 connections on LinkedIn, 245 on Facebook and 37 on Twitter.
  • According to SHRM, LinkedIn is the “suit and tie network” and Facebook is gaining interest for the more blue-collar jobs.

The report also says that while LinkedIn is driving the most views and applications per job posting, Twitter and Facebook appear to be highly under-utilized networks for recruiting. That is expected to change during 2012, it states.

If you are still resistant to using social media, you better get on the bandwagon now. Top recruiters are there (I know I am) and you should be, too. Use one site or all the sites … but be active on whichever network you choose so you can find that next great job.