Steps to Improve Your Social Currency

What’s the value of your social currency?

As a brand? As an individual?

In a world of information overload – with billions of new posts, comments and tweets shared every week – consumers are more selective than ever in what they choose to read, and in what they choose to share. Simply put, it’s easy to get lost in the noise or labeled as irrelevant.

Social-Currency-QuoteThe key to effective marketing in a digitally connected world is social currency whether the focus is on building your brand, improving your customer loyalty or acquiring new customers. Social currency is the sticky substance that builds brand identity and status with your target audiences and that connects people to your brand.

Questions to Help Gauge the Value of Your Social Currency

  • To what extent are people sharing your brand and content with their friends, families and business networks? 
  • Is your content truly building advocates and inspiring others to share your brand? 
  • Are your campaigns building social identity with the desired status and recognition? 
  • Are you achieving strong attachment to your brand that is driving loyalty and sales results? 
  • Or, are you simply getting lost in the noise?

Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Social Currency

Social currency is ultimately about building strong and lasting relationships between the brand and the target audience. Building a strong foundation of social currency typically requires a long-term, ongoing consistent effort. These proven tips below will help focus your efforts for success and better results.

Create valuable, relevant content. People love to look smart and, in the world of social media, they frequently do so by sharing relevant, useful content. Brands that engage and fuel campaigns with relevant, useful content build stronger identities and attachment with their brands than brands that focus predominantly on sharing humorous content. Content that informs, inspires and excites your target audience helps to build meaningful relationships with your brand that inspires others to share it.

Strong-Positive-Negative-Emotions-02Trigger the emotions of your audience. Emotions are contagious. Content that triggers a high emotional response is more likely to be shared and remembered than content that simply creates awareness. Awe, surprise, admiration, disgust and anger are powerful emotions that light up the human brain with activity. And when audiences are emotionally motivated, they are more likely to share the content and build strong connections with the brand. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is a great example of this.

Understand your audience. What are the emotions and feelings of your target audience? The best way to connect with someone is to understand what someone else is feeling or going through, and developing content that will resonate with them. The key is to develop an understanding of your audience before developing your content so that your efforts from the beginning of the process are focused on the end audience.

Bringing it All Together

In the age of the internet and ubiquitous global communication and information overload, marketers need to know their audiences so that they can build relevant, valuable content that informs, inspires and excites their target audiences. Understanding the feelings and unmet needs of your audiences and creating content that triggers powerful emotional connections are fundamental to building effective social content. This content currency not only gets read and shared but also helps to build strong emotional connections between consumers and your brand.

We’d love to hear your tips, and better understand what you are doing to effectively build social currency. Share in the comments below.


Michael Bryars, evolve24Post by Michael Bryars, Senior Vice President & General Manager, evolve24
Michael provides executive leadership and strategic direction for evolve24, and is a well-known expert in social and business intelligence, data analytics and text mining. Over the span of his career Michael has been a pioneer, a thought leader and a driving force behind the innovation and successful commercialization of new products and services across a number industries, including social media, digital intelligence, business analytics, consumer goods, semiconductor, technology and automotive.