Spokesperson Secrets to Build Your Brand; The Inaugural SPOKEies® Award event.

Spokesperson Secrets to Build your Brand, the inaugural SPOKEies® Award event, invited  the first ever winners of the SPOKEies® Awards to share with the communications community how they build their corporate or non-profit brand as the in-house spokesperson across a variety of different industries.

This video features five fast paced panel discussions, audience questions, and polls as the award winners reveal the top secrets behind their award-winning efforts. They’ll share best practices including how to identify your best spokespeople, how to integrate them into your content marketing strategy and the best tips to earn media (it’s still possible!)

The SPOKEies® acknowledge and reward leaders who communicate honestly and effectively on behalf of their organizations.


D S Simon Media:

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Panel 1: Sheri Sword, Vice President of Communications and SPOKEies® Award winner in the Non-Profit Membership Association category, from Danielle Holly, CEO at Common Impact the  SPOKEies® winner in the C-Suite Leader Non-Profit Association category, and Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing at Kount, the Honorable Mention in the Corporate Financial Services category.

Panel 2: Luke Margolis, Corporate Communications Manager at Atlantic Health Systems, SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Non-profit Health Category, Jim Furgeson, Director of Communications at Atlantic Health Systems, Valerie M. Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Atlantic Health Systems

Panel 3: Donna LaVoie, President and CEO of LaVoie Health Science and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Corporate Emerging Growth/Startups Category and C-Suite Leader Corporate Categories, Suzanne Robotti, President and Lead Spokesperson for Medshadow Foundation and SPOKEies® Award Finalist in the Non-profit Health Category, and Roy Taylor Founder Chief Revenue Officer MR.Studio, previous Corporate Vice President and Worldwide Head of AMD Studios and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Corporate Technology Category.

Panel 4: Meridith Maskara, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater New York and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Non-profit Youth Category and Patrick Riccards, Chief Communications Officer at the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Non-Profit Education Category.

Panel 5: Gabe Saglie, Senior Editor at Travelzoo and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Media Category, Mike McCormick, Executive Director and COO of the Global Business Travel Association and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Non-Profit Trade Association Category, and Marc Goldman, Marketing/Sponsorship Manager of the Marine Corps Marathon and SPOKEies® Award Winner in the Corporate Sports Category.