Speed Kills: Fast-paced Marketing for a Fast-paced World (Free Live Stream)


Marketing Transformation- A Real-Time Adventure (2)


Wednesday, April 20 @ 1 pm Eastern

Webcast Overview

In a frenetic and tumultuous marketplace, marketing has become more complex than ever before. With limited resources and budget, marketing leaders need to choose their priorities wisely.PR Newswire will host guest speaker James McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President of Marketing at PR Newswire, for a conversation focused on digital disruption, hyperadoption and the five key ingredients for a marketing team’s success. The conversation, Speed Kills: Fast-paced Marketing for a Fast-paced World, will be broadcast via live stream on Wednesday, April 20, at 1 pm ET.McQuivey and Wincko will discuss the impact of digital disruption on buyer behavior, opportunities for creating market differentiation, common mistakes marketing teams make, and techniques to successfully improve the speed and effectiveness of marketing programs. The conversation will include tips for building an agile infrastructure and a discussion on the importance of data, people and processes.Topics to be covered include:
  • How to rethink customer interactions, and why this is crucial for marketing;
  • How to determine which tactics and techniques will lead a team to success; and
  • Critical components of a successful marketing strategy and how to implement them.


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