Spectral Financial Launches: Driving a Broader Adoption of the Cryptocurrency Economy


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Spectral Financial, a new firm that strives to reduce risk in the cryptocurrency space by providing transactional safety and regulatory compliance services, announced the launch of its business with the intent of serving institutional clients with business process outsourcing options, and individuals with direct-to-consumer products.

Born from cryptocurrency and blockchain-data analysis, Spectral Financial is a natural evolution in the realization that the cryptocurrency space is still regarded as a “smugglers den.” It is well known that regulatory compliance, reduction of transactional risk, and consumer protection is lacking in the current cryptocurrency market due to complex and differing regional requirements. Utilizing their combined 30 years of expertise working on regulatory compliance, AML, and KYC for various top tier financial and government institutions, they have created solutions to simplify compliance processes to ensure adherence to current and perceived future regulations, including, Spectral Data and Compliance Services, Shield and Wallet.

Spectral Financial currently supports over 25 blockchain and digital currency technologies and will continue to add more as they scale.

Source: Blockchain Wire