Software Company Augments Consumer Marketing Capabilities for Retailers


CommPRONewsItemBy Editorial Staff

California-based Social Annex announced the launch of enhanced capabilities for data segmentation within their platform with the ability to automate, manage and measure personalized marketing campaigns depending on customer data.

The platform now uses RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) tactics to analyze customer value and provide it in the form of a dashboard. This RFM dashboard offers the ability to segment customer lists based on how recently they made a purchase, the frequency with which they purchase, and their average order value.

“We’re excited to have enhanced our Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing data with RFM dashboards and customer data segmentation capabilities in order to really provide the next level of targeting ability to our clients. Thanks to these optimized features, they’ll be able to identify and market to users based on an almost-endless range of criteria, from specific items purchased, to location data, to their success as a referrer, to their social media advocacy for the client – and thereby increase revenue through a more personalized approach towards their customers,” said Diana Smith, Director of Product, Social Annex

This segmentation allows retailers to identify their best customers as well as the customers who may need a little marketing attention and create automated campaigns to act on them. The RFM dashboard can be combined with additional segmentation capabilities within the Social Annex platform. These segmentation features include creating customer and data segments based on:

  • Location of purchase
  • Type of products purchased
  • Interactions with the brand in-store, online, in-app, or on social
  • Loyalty program actions
  • Advocate marketing actions (e.g. referrals completed, reviews written, etc.)
  • Essentially any data set imported from a client’s CRM, ERP, ESP, or personalization engine

Alternatively, Social Annex segmentation analysis data can be pushed into the client’s systems.

The RFM dashboard combined with enhanced segmentation capabilities gives marketers the ability to build campaigns with more targeted messaging and offers. By joining comprehensive customer loyalty and advocate marketing data with RFM information, marketers can create segments and campaigns based on multi-level criteria.

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