Software and Dapp to Build Blockchain-Secured Keypad-Enabled Locking Devices Launched

CommPRO Editorial Staff

IoT software developer It’s Here Inc. announced the launch of IoTLock™, a software system and mobile decentralized application (Dapp) that lets users turn any keypad-enabled container, including mailboxes, delivery boxes, and safes, into blockchain-secured smart devices. IoTLock™ uses StreamIoT™, a blockchain-powered platform where IoT devices store and protect data, device authentication and privacy. With a minimal amount of hardware and setup, IoTLock™ allows users to share access numbers with trusted family and friends and check the status of multiple locks from any location.

Leveraging a LoRA connection and blockchain technology, IoTLock™ operates as a decentralized application to let anyone create their own IoT keypad. By enabling access sharing, users can assign others to manage mail or deliveries over a period of time, and restrict access at any time. Thanks to the features of StreamIoT™, IoTLock™ is a streamlined building solution that provides innovative security and connectivity.

“IoT is one of the central themes at CES 2020 and we’re excited to be debuting the IoTLock™ system at this event,” said Duane Jacobsen, Co-Founder StreamIoT™ and CEO Blocksafe Holding Inc. “It’s Here Inc., a vendor partner leveraging StreamIoT™, is ready to help companies build locking products to secure all those Amazon and UPS deliveries as well as other valuable assets through this very unique software service.”

“Not only is this a simple and secure way to build a DIY-secured box, it’s also a robust and frictionless system suitable for commercial use,” said Kevin Barnes, Founder of It’s Here Inc.

The IoTLock Dapp is now available on Google Play and the iOS DApp will be available in early 2020.

Source: Blockchain Wire