Social Media for the Rest of Us: How Boomers Can Effectively Use Social Media (Recording & Presentation)


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Discussion Overview

Social Media is often considered a "young person's game" with millennials positioning themselves as "experts.' In fact, the Boomer generation is just as well-equipped, if not more, to use social media for business.

Join this discussion to learn:

  • How social media data can be used for audience insights
  • The power of integrating social media (blogs, forums, web news AND Facebook, Twitter, etc.) into the marketing research mix
  • How to use your in-person networking skills on virtual social media sites to gain desired results
  • Why strategy and selecting the right, relevant data still reigns supreme in the age of "big data"
Join Yazir Phelps from evolve24, a big data analytics and research company, and Chuck Hester, author of the soon-to-be published book, Social Media for the Rest of Us: A Boomer's Perspective, as they discuss how Baby Boomers can use social media and more effectively measure ROI.
Chuck's recent blog post: "Beware the Nextperts", has garnered significant attention because he contends that Boomers are wired to use social media for business. As he puts it: "Boomers are born networkers - we know how to hold a conversation that lasts more than 140 characters, or isn't peppered with acronyms and text shorthand."



Our Speakers


Chuck-Hester-headshotChuck Hester, LinkedIn Power Connector 

Chuck Hester is a LinkedIn power connector with more than 13,000 direct connections.  He is a sought-after expert on the subject of using LinkedIn for media relations, personal and professional branding, and how to use social media to build business contacts. He’s addressed conferences in Canada, Australia and throughout the United States. The Chief Connections Officer at Chuck Hester Enterprises, Chuck helps businesses get their stories told through influencer relations, good old fashion PR strategies and hard work.  He also offers LinkedIn Corporate Boot Camps that help businesses maximize their use of LinkedIn, find and retain customers and enhance their social media footprints. You can find him on LinkedIn at He is the author of Linking In to Pay it Forward: Changing the Value Proposition in Social Media. His latest book, Social Media for The Rest of Us: A Boomer’s Perspective is set to be published in the last quarter of 2014.



Yazir-Phillips-headshotYazir Phelps, Director of Client Services, evolve24

Yazir is an ROI-driven marketing and communications professional with in-depth experience in building and leading integrated marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. As Director of Client Services for evolve24, Yazir is a strategic advisor to a diverse client portfolio and focuses on helping companies leverage social intelligence insights to shape business strategy, drive innovation, increase effectiveness of marketing programs and manage risk/crisis. Prior to joining evolve24, Yazir led the B2B and loyalty marketing organization at AutoZone, the leading automotive aftermarket parts retailer in the world.



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