Social Giveaways: The Importance of Building Your Digital Footprint


Social Giveaways

Market shares will pivot to the top grossing companies in the world to have the highest generated revenue. One of those companies include Facebook and Instagram, and that’s because of how much value society places on the digital world. Most tech stocks have been booming throughout the past years, though they now have largely been outperforming amid the coronavirus pandemic. They are no longer just a source of entertainment, but a necessity for most of our basic needs during these times.

Now that we are constantly online, from shopping for groceries, to posting Instagram or Tik Tok videos, it is even more important to understand your digital footprint and how a positive or negative one could affect you. At this rate, if you don’t have a digital footprint in the upcoming years, you will no longer exist; from your dating life to work like, everybody does their research, and looks you up. Having a following and a blue blue check means everything, because it legitimizes you. You have to be able to pick a personal brand in order to pivot because everything is accessed online.

  • Position yourself to create platforms for people that are going to need the type of information that you hold, based on personal experience or expertise
  • Create new initiatives, every platform creates a new opportunity and you create the environment for your clients to monopolize on the market

Building social media capital is crucial for your personal brand, and can lead to serious money. On average, influencers with over a million followers make 100,000 to 250,000 per post! Not only can you make money off of posts themselves, Instagram also has a direct shop feature for any products you do want to sell. The key to their success has been attested to their ability to keep their finger on the pulse of the culture and scale their product offering to whichever way the market attention shifts.

Attention is the currency that is monetized by smart companies or individuals that have built their online presence by investing in digital real estate. The attention may be directed toward the screen in our hand, but when you break it down the prime real estate is accessed through two places: social media (mainly Instagram) and the Google search bar results. We focus on simplistic conduits.

With the world on hold it’s an advantage to be able to press play when everyone is stuck on pause. This is the best time for businesses to migrate onto digital platforms and form new digital strategies.This is where social media agencies come to play, Social Giveaway’s help navigate companies through that process. The core value proposition of the agency is: to grow their clients social reach, invest in their digital real estate portfolio and the impactfulness of their brands overall online presence.

The value of a prime location brick and mortar physical storefront has lessened steadily for years; it has moved to domains and socials with engagement, that is where the new prime real estate investments are being made.

Covid was the tipping point that has increased the velocity of that shift in consumer behavior. When you can only get some things online it becomes a habit you may want to continue after the stores are back open. The convenience will appeal to others that may have never tried to order something online and were simply forced to try something new. Half the battle is getting a prospective customer to try to make that first purchase online outside their comfort zone. And by doing so they may adopt a new consumer behavior that becomes habitual. Social Giveaway’s is betting on that and so are their clients.

There should be a sense of urgency for brands to become less dependent on archaic marketing strategies and to diversify into where the attention is flowing, and the faster they can make that change the lower the price of entry is going to be. CAC, ROI and a thousand other metrics can’t outweigh the simple fact that some goods and services will only be accessible online one day in the near future.

Prominent brands in previous campaigns:

Dan Bilzerian

Flow Water

Four Loko

Ignite International

We had the pleasure of discussing how important social media is in today’s society and how to build your digital footprint with London Summers & Ryan Pownall from Social Giveaways. Here’s what they had to say:

How do you benchmark success of digital media?

As in many things, success is completely subjective in this scenario. As for us , we determine if an endeavor is a success by the level of freedom it affords us. We knew at a very young age that we would not do well in a stifling corporate environment, we knew we had to work independently and create our own opportunities to escape a customary 9 to 5 lifestyle. The monetary gains are simply a metric to measure success on the scoreboard, we keep our own score and we determine winning as being able to do what we want to do. Making enough money to get out and live life to the fullest from the comfort of a laptop is a simple benchmark for success in our humble opinion.

Where do you think social media capital lies?

As of right now it is the attention that attracts the capital. The evolution of marketing has led us to a place where the barriers of entry in creating a viable online business have alleviated a lot in the last few years. The playing field has been leveled out a bit, a big budget helps of course, but anyone can create brand awareness if they navigate the internet correctly. The money is flowing into ads, influencers, affiliate programs, etc. Advertising online can still be considered a bargain compared to older marketing methods.

How do you determine which platforms will best engage to expand a brands footprint?

We would say the better you know your customer the easier it is is to determine where your focus will yield the best return. A simple example would be a GymShark targeting a younger fitness oriented demographic through TikTok, versus a middle aged woman buying a custom dog portrait on a platform like Facebook. You have to know where your customer is spending their time online and invest accordingly.

Why would people choose Social Giveaways over any other competitor?

It all comes down to trust, when it comes to personal and business relationships the most important aspect is knowing who you are getting into bed with. The giveaway concept is still rather new and some companies are taking advantage, due to the lack of competitive intelligence. Good business practices and credibility are the foundations of anything we attach our name to. Many of our customers have turned to us after receiving underwhelming results in exchange for exorbitant price points. We have witnessed a competitors’ primary business accounts banned from the very platform they are marketing their clients on. Abiding by the regulations and terms of agreement is integral to our business model and should be for anyone selling an intangible asset. You get a level of transparency and authenticity with Social Giveaways that is sorely lacking in the industry.