Small Caps: The Benefits of Growing Your Marketing, PR, and Social Media Presence (On-Demand Recording)


Webinar Overview

Small-cap companies—typically defined as publicly traded companies with market capitalizations between $300 million and $2 billion—are confronted by many challenges, including: raising capital, increasing liquidity, attracting institutional investors, boosting share price, obtaining analyst coverage and a general mistrust of the small-cap market.

Typically, CEO’s of these companies have limited time and budgets, making it difficult to do much more than their primary jobs: manage their companies. And, more than 73% report that investor relations (IR) is managed by the CEO or CFO with only 11% of their time spent on investor outreach.

To make an impact in a crowded marketplace, small caps must strengthen their communications efforts to generate interest in their respective stocks by the investment community and the investing public. In-house investor relations departments (or individuals) can benefit from outside perspectives about how the use of marketing, public relations, and social media can convincingly tell the company’s story, and amplify its value proposition, for the customer or potential shareholder.

Today, companies must have a documented content marketing plan, “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” It’s also essential an effective public relations strategy.

In terms of social media, B2B companies lead generation strategy focuses on customized content interactions that build trust throughout the buyer journey. B2B marketing is hyper-focused and personalized to engage and build loyalty but must be used across a myriad of digital channels. For B2C companies, being mobile-first is the competitive edge since consumers make purchases while on-the-go.

In this free webinar, the speakers introduce small cap CEOs to the tangible value of marketing communications, public relations and social media. The speakers will cover the opportunities and challenges for U.S. small cap companies from a customer-centric perspective. They will explain how to create an ecosystem that benefits your company retains and attracts investors and customers.


Gregg Castano - MiFID II Misfits: Small Cap Companies & the New Realities of Investment ResearchGregg Castano
Castano Communications Consulting

Gregg Castano spent 32 years with Business Wire in various direct sales, sales management and executive management roles, including Co-COO, culminating in his appointment as president in 2009. While president, Castano was responsible for overseeing the sales and marketing functions, was instrumental in much of the company’s international growth strategy and served on its executive committee, which guides company direction and strategy. He performed in this role until his departure in May, 2017. Subsequently, in October of 2017, Castano formed his own independent consulting practice. Castano Communications Consulting, LLC assists entrepreneurs, startups and Small Cap IPOs nationwide with their messaging strategies. He also specializes in offering industry guidance to investment banks and private equity firms exploring acquisition opportunities within this industry segment.


How Chat bots Help Developers and Marketers Build New Partnerships - Wendy GlavinWendy Glavin
Founder & CEO
Wendy Glavin Agency

Wendy Glavin is Founder and CEO of Wendy Glavin Agency, based in New York City. Her firm offers strategic integrated communications across marketing, public relations, social and digital media. Wendy’s experience spans B2B2C across a wide variety of industry sectors including, technology, financial services, financial technology, artificial intelligence, software-as-a-sector (SaaS), mobile apps, crowdfunding, customer experience, marketing technology, media, events, creative, publishing, retail and more.
Wendy Glavin Agency represents startups, small-medium-sized businesses, and large companies both nationally and globally. She is a 25+ year veteran of corporate, agency and consulting.  Wendy is a published writer and guest speaker.


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