Simple Grace Is Mr. Magazine’s™ Launch Of The Year


Organic Life Is Mr. Magazine’s™ Re-Launch Of The Year

Simple Grace MagazineSimple Grace: Launch of the Year 2015

In my office hangs a sign that reads: there’s always hope, a simple phrase that holds a wealth of meaning. And in 2015 Bauer Media Group U.S. launched its own message of hope in the form of Simple Grace magazine.

Simple Grace magazine is a groundbreaker—a faith-based magazine from a secular publisher who saw an opportunity in the marketplace. It’s an “Audience First” approach to publishing, an approach that Bauer has mastered with all their publications. However, this time, with a completely new concept.

Simple Grace was the brainchild of Editor-in-Chief Carol Brooks and in a Mr. Magazine™ interview earlier in the year she defined it as “your daily dose of hope,” which I think we can all agree is something that is extremely needed in the world that we live in today.

But Bauer didn’t just use emotional facts for their reasoning behind the introduction of a daily devotional magazine into their repertoire of titles. Between readers’ response from First for Women (a magazine that Carol has directed as editor-in-chief for the last 13 years), and the intense research on the market of what was and was not out there, Simple Grace was born from their reader’s desires to include God more as a part of their daily lives. Audience first is not only a Mr. Magazine™ mantra, but Bauer’s as well.

The magazine is a monthly devotional with daily inspirational Bible quotes and content that is geared toward the love, kindness and support of God and stands out as the first digest-sized, devotional magazine, targeting a mass audience on newsstands in the US.

Being first and going somewhere no one else dares to go, is something Bauer firmly believes in when they believe in the product. And Simple Grace is something that is near and dear to their heart and has the company’s full support.

And it is Mr. Magazine’s™ choice for the Hottest Launch of 2015.




Organic Life MagazineOrganic Life: Relaunch of the Year 2015

Rodale’s Organic Life is a magazine that celebrates the idea of living healthier by empowering its readers, whether they are die-hard, fully immersed people in the world of organic, or just discovering it for the first time. It welcomes everybody to the table with a beautiful, immersive print magazine that responds to the reader’s desire to live a healthier life by offering a whole new approach to how we look at food and our bodies. It’s recipes and stories and tips that can show you the organic way might be the best way for you to live your life.

Organic Life is a relaunch of the company’s flagship brand Organic Gardening and a stylish guide to living naturally in the modern world. By rebranding Organic Gardening into Organic Life, Rodale has taken a concept that its founder, J.I. Rodale, believed in so strongly when he started the company all those years ago, and brought it up-to-date for the 21st century, making it a tremendous tool for the organic movement that is sweeping our country today.

Under the watchful eye of Editor-in-chief James (Jim) Oseland, the first issue of the magazine delivered 158 hefty pages, from which 54 pages were advertising. From the moment of conception, to the hour of delivery, this is the story of a perfect magazine relaunch in 2015. It’s a relaunch, but it’s so much more than that. J.I. Rodale founded Rodale in 1930. His granddaughter, Maria Rodale, delivered on the dream that her grandfather envisioned 85 years ago. That vision is encapsulated between the covers of Rodale’s Organic Life magazine.

It’s the culmination of a dream and the continuation of a legacy and it’s Mr. Magazine’s™ Relaunch of 2015.

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