SIMBA Chain Celebrates Launch of New Smart Contract as a Service on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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SIMBA Chain has chosen Las Vegas to celebrate the launch of its new cloud-based blockchain solution, Smart Contract-as-a-Service, on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, betting the ease and speed of developing, testing, and deploying custom enterprise-level distributed apps (dApps) will captured the attention of attendees of Microsoft Inspire, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre.

Inspire is Microsoft’s largest annual global partner-to-partner networking event that attracts thousands of attendees from more than 130 countries to connect, collaborate, and share experiences and insights to ignite business growth.

Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and startups are looking to blockchain as a transparent, verifiable system for establishing and enforcing contracts, transferring assets and sharing data. SIMBA Chain’s Smart Contract-as-a-Service removes the barrier to entry by enabling users to deploy blockchain dApps for iOS, Android, and the web in minutes rather than months. Users define the assets and parameters and SIMBA Chain auto generates the smart contract and API keys that interface to the blockchain. This reduces development time and cost and enables rapid prototyping and deployment.

SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig says Inspire is the perfect venue for introducing its Smart Contracts as a Service and availability on Azure Marketplace. “People come to Inspire from all over the world to learn what’s coming next from Microsoft and partners like SIMBA Chain that are powering the smart economy with transformative digital technology.”

SIMBA Chain runs on Microsoft Azure, a calculated decision by the company. “We believe Azure is the most extensive, trusted cloud infrastructure in the world. Azure is a tremendous asset for our government and business customers; with SIMBA’s help, they can adopt and blockchain with confidence and without time-consuming vetting,” says Neidig.

Source: Blockchain Wire


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