Silver Anvil Judge’s Tips – Jamie Haines, APR, Vice President, Communications, American Public Television

JAMIEHAINESHow to ROCK the Silver Anvils! (And win the judges’ votes.)

Read and follow the directions. Provide clear, summarizing headings and concise, definitive benchmarks. Show how you reached your goals by defining success for your project, followed by an easy-to-follow path showing the steps that got you there.

Don’t provide every clip. Summarize the coverage and show the best.  Data, analyses and demonstrable steps that have summaries and snapshots are great!  

The judges WANT to like your entry.  Help them by assembling everything you think you need to submit, then edit the heck out of it! Pithy, engaging presentations with impressive analytics win!

Have someone unfamiliar with your effort read your entry before submitting.  Chances are, if they think it reads well, we will, too.


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