Silver Anvil Judge’s Tips – Dawn M. Doty, APR, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

DAWNDOTYAfter judging PRSA Silver Anvil awards for many years, here are four key tips I have for you for your entry:

  1. Review other award-winning campaigns in the case study library on Even if you only have time to read one, do it! It’s worth the time.
  2. Allow time before the deadline to have someone on your team who has never worked on the campaign to read your entry.  This effort can help to ensure that the campaign makes sense to someone – like the judging team, for example – who may have never heard of the work.
  3. Short on time near the deadline? Place the bulk of your effort on writing the best possible two-page summary over time spend on compiling supporting materials.
  4. Did you do something amazing with minimal $$$? Enter! Award-winning work doesn’t always equate to big budget campaigns

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Entry deadline is today!