Silence is Not an Option: Allyship, Advocacy, and Anti-Racism


Free Virtual Event

Presented by The Museum of Public Relations

Wednesday, October 27, 6 – 7:30 PM ET



Join cross-generational communications and DEI leaders as they discuss the current state of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace and emphasize a call to action for individual accountability and commitment to DEI across all levels of an organization.  Some of the topics that we will explore:

  • Strategies and approaches allies can action to lean into discomfort, engage in difficult conversations, and move towards advocacy.

  • Types of inclusive behaviors and actions employees should take to cultivate an environment of psychological safety and belonging.

  • An approach to collectively address inequities in the workplace and speak up when disparities are observed.

  • Factors to consider when well-intentioned DEI programs miss the mark and negatively impact employee engagement and mental health.

  • How organizations can gain a competitive stance for recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement of systemically excluded communities.

  • Success factors that should be considered by organizations for cross-mentoring, internships, and bringing on new hires – in alignment with Gen Z’s expectations.


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