Short Digital PR Guide for Instagram

A Dummies Guide to Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Companies that want to reach their target audience online can greatly benefit from digital PR efforts. Digital PR allows companies to deliver their promotional messages to their ideal consumers across a variety of digital channels. There are a number of different strategies that businesses can use when it comes to digital PR, and it’s not always easy to choose the right ones. Nevertheless digital PR strategies are central to all effective PR and marketing efforts. These days, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms all over the world, and it’s all centered around visual expression and vibrant communities. 

With a billion monthly users, most people on Instagram tend to use the platform to find new products or service recommendations, and a lot of them actually end up making a purchase after they come across a recommendation on Instagram. 

Brand Building

One of the things that Instagram is helpful for with companies is building their brand identity. Due to the pandemic, social media use and screen time have skyrocketed. nd With many customers spending a lot of time on their phones, companies have a lot of marketing space to fill. The best way to fill up a space in the consumers’ attention span is by being unique when presenting the business. Instagram is a great way to remind consumers that there’s a great brand around that can help solve their pain points if they make a purchase. It’s also never too late to start with Instagram PR as long as the company has a goal in mind for that account. While companies won’t be able to achieve overnight success, there is plenty of potential for long-term growth. 


If a company isn’t sure what its consumers want to see displayed on their feed or in the Stories feature, all they have to do is ask. This is one of the greatest benefits of Instagram as a PR platform, as it allows companies to research their audiences at a faster rate, and engage with the customers at the same time. Knowing what the audience wants also helps companies plan their PR strategies as well as marketing efforts in a way that caters to their interests. A great way to learn more about the audience is to use the integrated pools of questions options in the platform’s Stories feature, or even by encouraging users to leave comments under posts. 


Another benefit to using Instagram as a digital PR tool is that it enables companies to create their own communities of like-minded people with the consumers. Many people want to feel like they’re a part of a community and that they belong somewhere. When a company is able to show to its consumers that it is there for them and supports them, it makes those consumers feel better and increases the company’s exposure. Additionally, companies can also use their accounts to support important organizations and causes, which further associates the business with goodness in the minds of consumers. As long as the company provides high-quality and engaging content, it’s going to stay in the good graces of customers by aligning a brand with some positive causes.

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPRAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.