Setting Up Your WFH Space (INFOGRAPHIC)


Nicholas Rubright, Digital Marketing Specialist at Webex

A dedicated workspace makes working at home much easier, more productive, and stress-free. When setting up your WFH space, there are a few crucial tips to follow. Your first steps should be to choose a quiet space away from noise and get an ergonomic chair, which will help reduce stress and create a comfortable environment. To enable easier multitasking, you should connect your laptop to an external monitor for larger screen space. 

Background noise can still appear even in a quiet room, so you should invest in a good headset, which will prove especially useful in video conferencing. During those video meetings, you want to make sure your background appears professional and neat.

You should also acquire tools like team messaging, VoIP, and screen sharing to enable immersive experiences. A wired connection like Ethernet is better for video and VoIP, and it is easily achieved through adapters or docking stations.

Lastly, focus on yourself by playing music, which can help you be more productive and block out any background noise. Set up a specific playlist for those times that call for you to be especially focused.