Selecting the Strongest Leadership Team to Boost Company Success


Selecting the Strongest Leadership Team to Boost Company SuccessRonn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

A leader is only as strong as those around him or her. While it’s a huge accomplishment to be entrusted with a leadership position in any business, what almost matters more is the ability to supplement this with other thoughtful hires. Let’s say a business owner is building a new management team from the ground up. Are there any best practices to follow to ensure success? 

Define Values and Vision Before Hiring Leadership 

Hiring can be a huge headache, particularly when it comes to more senior positions. It’s important to identify what core values a leader should exhibit according to what the business’ goals are. It’s not simply about the experience or education someone has — his or her personality and values must also align with that of the company’s in order to have long-lasting success. 

A business owner seeking to build out a strong management team should start with a blueprint of what sort of roles they would like to see filled. Define the goals and purpose of the company, and find potential hires who will fit the bill for that vision. 

Make Sure the Leadership Team Can Work Together 

Even if a business owner hires the absolute top 5% of each field, this is by no means a guarantee of success. Personalities differ immensely, so finding the right mix is paramount. 

For example, a more stubborn type of personality may not mesh well with an entire group of like-minded individuals. Likewise, a highly data and results-driven individual may not see eye to eye with one who operates more empathetically. 

As Brian Gefter notes with his partner Mike Satsky, “however, a healthy mix of personalities can bring about great results. After all, there is usually more than one (or two!) ways to look at and solve a problem. Having a variety of perspectives can be useful, as long as any conflict is able to be resolved.  So find this out ahead of time. As a leadership team is formed, put them together and test out working environments and project management. Find out how each individual communicates and what makes them “tick”.” 

Stay On Top of the Future 

Many businesses make the mistake of getting too bogged down in the here and now. While it’s important to focus and prioritize, it’s also important to stay on task for growth strategy. Whether the business has three, five, or ten year plan, set milestones and check to see how the leadership team is helping move the needle. 

A leadership team that works well together will be invested in the long-term goal and the lasting impact. Having internal conflict that’s unresolvable will only cause the business and its long-term goals to backslide. Therefore, establishing a strong, capable leadership team is one of the best ways to ensure success. 

And good leadership trickles down to the rest of the workforce in a company. Positive leadership can still be results driven and have high morale in the office. It’s just about positioning and how leadership works with others. For this reason, a leadership team that works as, well, a team, will set a precedent for other workers who can then feed off of this environment. 

5WPR CEO Leads Crisis PR Discussion at Harvard Business SchoolAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of Public Relations Agency 5WPR.

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