Second Interview: 6 Tips To Get The Job

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

You’ve made it through the application process plus the first interview and have been asked to come back for the next round.  Congratulate yourself, you have made it passed many other applicants and the employer is definitely interested.  But now you have to decide if this job is really for you as well as keep impressing the hiring managers.  Here’s what you must do:  Be Prepared.

  1. Questions:  Be ready with questions about the actual job.  A typical day, the culture, how will your performance be measured etc.  Remember, any questions about salary/benefits should be held until your last meeting with Human Resources.
  2. Specifics:  Ask for specifics and give specifics when answering questions whether about scenarios or behaviors.  This interview is all about going deeper.
  3. Confidence:  Confidence speaks loudly.  You’ve made it this far.  You can relax and make small talk.
  4. Improve:  Think back to the first interview.  What went well and what not so well.  See what you can improve.
  5. Prepare:  Even though it’s the second interview, still prepare like it’s the first.  You don’t want to be surprised or not be able to thoroughly answer a question.
  6. Dress:  Dress like it’s the first interview.  Show the employer that you respect them and the process.

Don’t forget the thank you notes.  If you met different people this time round, you can send notes to the first round participants thanking them again also.

Go Get Them!