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Crisis Communications for Government in the Digital Age

By Julie Murphy, Partner & SVP, Public Relations,  Sage Communications Whether it is a terrorist attack, political corruption, cybersecurity breach or natural disaster, the government is no stranger to crisis and the tricky communications that come along with them.  Federal and local government organizations are held to an even higher standard of ethics and transparency, given…

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Security, Preparedness, and Exposure – The Panama Papers Paradigm

By Samantha Kruse, Account Supervisor, LEVICK The fallout from the leak of 11.5 million documents held by Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, first revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has yet to reach its peak. Though comparatively fewer Americans than internationally-recognized names have been exposed so far, the number of American institutions implicated…

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Helping Investors Stay Calm in a Volatile Market

By Nati Katz, Manager, Technology Practice, Burson-Marsteller Senior and longtime market experts claim that what happens during the first few days of January dictates the year’s overall stock market performance. If that’s true, and considering the opening trading day of 2016, investors have a lot to worry about. The first day of trading in 2016…

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