Say What? 10 Phrases To Start Using At Work


10 Phrases To Start Using At Work


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Say What?  Communication is hard at times.  It’s something you have to work on constantly and it involves being careful what you say and what you don’t.  In an office environment, you want to be friendly, build trust, strengthen bridges, help morale and be a leader.  You don’t want to be seen as the outsider, the antagonist, the ‘Debbie-downer.’  A good way to start communicating is by adding these sentences to your office speak:

  1.  It was my fault.  Admitting that you made a mistake can increase trust.
  2.  Let’s grab a coffee.  Building relationships with your co-workers can help you work better.
  3.  Great job.  When you praise someone you acknowledge what they have done and you reinforce a positive behavior.
  4.  No.  It’s okay to say this.  It sets personal boundaries and doesn’t waste time.
  5.  Can I ask your advice?  If you need help, ask for it.  It is not seen as a weakness.  It’s collaborative and shows you value someone’s opinion/knowledge.
  6.  Thanks.  Acknowledging help or thanking someone for the work they did is the right thing to do.  Praise in front of others is a great motivator.
  7.  I’m taking time off.  You get time off so use it.  Tell everyone you will be out and whom to contact in your absence.  This way everyone can continue to get information and you can totally unplug.
  8.  Handle it.  Trusting someone to get the job done is a big part of being a leader.
  9.  So glad you’re back.  An enthusiastic voice and body language delivers a positive punch to someone who has been out.  It shows that you missed them and are happy they have rejoined the team.
  10.  Can we chat about my performance?  Regular check-ins with your staff and with your boss are important.  Good reviews can raise your self-confidence and constructive criticism can help you grow and get back on track.

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