Salespeople, Please Do Your Research



Wendy Glavin, CEO & Founder, Wendy Glavin Agency 

Every day I receive invites on LinkedIn. I’m happy that during these times people want to connect more with others. However, it’s important to read and learn about the people with whom you want to meet. Do research on the company, agency, business, or brand to identify their needs and interests before communicating.

I like to be kind, but as of late, I continue to receive automated invites. This means that when I connect, a message shows up offering some type of service, like graphic design. Since I have an incredible graphic design team, I don’t need these services. Even a quick look at my website would show that it incorporates design aesthetics, usability, interactivity, content, social media, and the agency services we offer.

Learning about the industry sectors in which people work, helps to understand people’s needs. For example, often I work with technology startups and businesses; most of which have teams of developers, data scientists, engineers, technologists, IT departments, mobile apps, chatbots, and more. Instead of targeting people to sell, the goal should be to build relationships.

One of my colleagues at a large company offers business consulting. He told me that he researches roughly 100 companies per day to learn about its interworkings, team of C-Suite executives, and reads all of its content before sending an InMail or email. Others at his firm who send mass cold emails rarely, if ever, receive a response.

During these times in particular, when we’re all in this together, instead of selling, start helping. With the loss of lives, jobs, income, and mental health challenges, we need to be empathetic, sensitive, caring, and honest without having the intention of making money.

Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley said, “If we bring our authentic selves to the table, people will trust us. And, trust is at the heart of any successful relationship.”

Here are ten reasons why people won’t connect with you on LinkedIn:

  1. Requesting to join someone’s network to build your own, instead of it being a two-way proposition
  2. Sending impersonal messages
  3. Suggesting a call or demo before knowing anything about the person
  4. Including links to your work and sending them without being asked
  5. Sending multiple InMail requests
  6. Rarely posting or sharing other people’s content
  7. Endorsing people with whom you’ve never worked with or met
  8. Cold-calling
  9. Writing posts that advertise your products or services
  10. Having the goal of getting more followers

Between reading through emails, writing responses, checking and posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, watching the news, having Zoom calls and virtual meetings, we’re inundated.

Please be considerate of other people’s time, before you click send.

#SXSW - Wendy GlavinAbout the Author: Wendy Glavin is Founder and CEO of Wendy GlavinAgency; specializing in marketing, executive writing, PR and social media advisory. Based in NYC, Wendy is a 30-year veteran of corporate, agency, consulting and small business ownership. Her monthly technology columnist for is “Glavin‘s Tech Talk.” and a featured contributor at CommPROWendy‘s Linkedin Group is Tech Talk: “From Newbies to Savvy.” Contact her at:

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