Sabotaging Your Career? 10 Things To Stop Doing Now


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Are you sabotaging your career with your bad habits?  We all have bad habits. 

The trick is recognizing  and working to correct them.  Becoming self-aware is important in your career.  Don’t become your own worst enemy, start correcting these bad habits now.

  1.  Lateness – Constantly arriving late to the office, meetings, breaks is annoying to everyone and it is noticed.  It makes you look careless, rude and complacent.  Start managing your time and be prompt.
  2. Procrastination – You might do your best work at the last minute.  However, when your work involves others,  your procrastination will start to annoy your co-workers and managers.  Work out due dates with co-workers or even yourself.
  3. Misrepresentation – Not being completely open and honest about your accomplishments and abilities can come back to haunt you.  If you can’t do something, own up to it.
  4. Complaining Don’t be negative.  If you have an issue, handle it with your supervisor in private and in a positive manner.  Complaining, gossiping and whining will not get you ahead.  Also, watch your body language.  It can make you seem just as negative as verbally complaining.
  5. Apologizing – If you made a mistake, own it and state how you will fix it.  If you have a different opinion on something, you are entitled to say so.  Admitting you are wrong or don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to say you are sorry.
  6. Communication – Don’t delay returning calls, emails, texts.  You can be perceived as being rude or uninterested.  It can also delay others who are trying to get the job done.  Remember that you are in an office with co-workers and managers not at home with your friends.  Be careful with you grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  7. Manners – Say please, excuse me, thank you.  Don’t check you social media during meetings, with co-workers etc.  Treat everyone like you would like to be treated.
  8. Fear – Don’t be afraid of taking on new challenges.  The unknown can be scary but being the one who holds everyone back is not a good place.  It can make you seem reluctant, a follower vs. a leader and not creative.

Don’t sabotage your career.  Start changing now.


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