Russia’s Bombs and Artillery Will Never Silence Gifted Ukrainian Artists Like Virtuoso Violinist Assia Ahhatt  



Tom Madden,  Founder & CEO, TransMedia Group

Ukrainian Violinist Assia Ahhatt said she has been privileged to represent her nation at venues worldwide and nothing, not even Putin and his murderous and unprovoked attack on her country, will stop her now!  

“I’m always proud of our people and heritage, and when traveling I witness a world united behind our efforts to expel the unprovoked invaders who seek to hijack our liberties,” she said. 

“A day doesn’t go by when I don’t hear the phrase from freedom-loving people: ‘We are all Ukrainians now.’” 

Multiple Grammy Winning Co-Producer Paul Avgerinos’ Unicorn Studios has just released the inspirational new single, ACROSS LIGHT & TIME, featuring internationally renowned artists Assia and David Arkenstone

“Assia and David are two of my favorite artists, so I’m thrilled to be a producer on their first collaboration,” said Paul Avgerinos.

ACROSS LIGHT & TIME is the first featured track on Assia and David’s collaborative New Age album currently in production across three continents and slated for release in September.

“Creating music together with Assia has been a joyous and rewarding experience that I can’t wait to share with the world!” said Arkenstone, a 5-time Grammy® Nominee.

Assia said she has always produced and recorded at least part of her albums with talented fellow Ukrainian musicians living here in Kiev; and this latest release has been no different despite huge security concerns. 

“The indomitable spirit, beauty, and determination of all Ukraine sets a higher bar for both my own creative process, as well as the world’s humanity,” Assia said.   

A classically trained child prodigy, Assia has entertained global audiences as one of the world’s premier violin virtuosos. Always seeking new musical challenges, she performs in unique venues and has written, arranged, and recorded across genres from Classical to Pop, Latin to Contemporary Instrumental, and now, New Age. 

Assia has been honored as a Merited Artist of Ukraine, as well as for her participation with several charitable organizations currently assisting millions displaced by the war in Ukraine.

David Arkenstone is a multiple-Grammy nominated lifelong musical innovator, producer, collaborator, and instrumentalist mainly performing within the genre of New Age. It would be difficult to mention an instrument that David does not play, although this production primarily features his mastery of guitar and piano.

Joining Assia and David in the video of Across Light & Time is young multi-talented twice Latin Grammy-winning producer, arranger, percussionist and fellow Co-Producer, Tony Succar.

David’s emotional melodies interpreted by Assia’s soulful violin truly connect. I feel this project is going to touch the hearts of fans around the globe,said Succar.

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Video for ‘Across Light and Time’:

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I’m honored TransMedia Group has been retained to promote the release of this inspiration new single as my dad, William Madden, was a concert violinist who would have loved Assia’s music.  

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