Ronn Torossian With 3 Dos and Don’ts of Thought Leadership Marketing

Ronn Torossian With 3 Dos and Don'ts of Thought Leadership MarketingIn the past, marketing was simple. Companies simply paid to display their advertisements on televisions and billboards or paid a copywriter to talk about how amazing their business was. However, in the modern age, where customers are more skeptical than ever before, brands are under increasing pressure to prove that they’re as sensational as they claim to be. 

Thought leadership is just one of the strategies that have emerged to help entrepreneurs demonstrate their true professionalism and expertise. Through thought leadership articles, videos and podcasts, business leaders can demonstrate that they genuinely understand their audience’s concerns and have the solutions that they’re looking for. 

The question is, how can companies make the most of thought leadership strategies?

1.     Show Don’t Tell 

The idea behind thought leadership content is that it provides companies with a way to demonstrate their expertise, rather than just telling people how knowledgeable they are. It’s crucial to convince customers that the brand knows what it’s talking about. 

This means that if a business leader wants to show that their company understands digital marketing, they can’t just talk about how much they’ve learned about marketing over the years. They need to address some of the most common problems that their audience is facing and show them actionable ways to overcome those issues.

2.     Dig Deep, Don’t Just Scratch the Surface 

While almost anyone can write an article that provides actionable advice with a little bit of research, the thing that separates a thought leadership piece from any other blog is its depth and attention to detail. Being a thought leader doesn’t necessarily mean that someone knows everything about every corner of their field. Instead, it means that they’re the go-to person in their niche for a specific thing. 

A highly detailed blog post backed by statistics and quotes from other thought leaders will make much more of an impact than several shorter posts that only touch the surface of certain topics. Thought leaders need to be willing to look at topics from different angles and explore ideas that other people have never considered before. This is how they set themselves apart from the crowd.

3.     Analyze, Don’t Assume 

Finally, it’s important to take an analytical approach to thought leadership. It’s easy for business leaders to assume that they know what people want to learn about, but the truth often surprises them when they dig down into their analytics. Before producing a thought leadership piece, it’s a good idea for industry experts to carefully consider the needs of their target audience. 

It may be worth looking at things like trending topics on social media or sending out a poll where people can vote on what they want to hear most from a specific business. Take note of what customers are truly asking for, then respond to their questions and needs with a thought leadership piece that demonstrates expertise and industry knowledge. 

Achieving success with thought leadership isn’t easy – but with these three tips, company leaders can improve their chances of impressing their audience.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of PR Agency 5WPR.