Ronn Torossian Presents Social Media Tips for the Holidays

Holidays are a time of the year when the right kind of marketing can go a long way. There seems to be a holiday for almost everything these days and tracking holidays to gear your message to your target audience can be a great opportunity for marketing teams. National holidays that tied to awareness or social initiatives can open doors for companies to display their company values and mission. Here are some tips to gear up for the holiday season and make the most of social media: 

Ronn Torossian Presents Social Media Tips for the HolidaysDo some holiday research

Find out what is trending during the national holiday. There are usually dedicated hashtags that are used for certain holidays across various social media platforms. Try to identify the most relevant hashtag to enhance your brand’s exposure. 

Know your guidelines

The World Cup, for instance, has branded hashtags with certain copyright guidelines. Make sure you remain compliant to these guidelines. Check with your legal team before using copyright material you may be unsure of. 

Save the date

Create a calendar to remember and highlight holidays of interest so your marketing team is always on top upcoming relevant holidays. Share the calendar with your whole team to get everyone excited and ready to pitch ideas when the holidays come around. 

Be authentic and on point

Stay authentic and true to your brand by engaging on social media with holidays in a way that is aligned with your brand. Your messaging should always remain relevant to the organisational vision and values. If your social media messaging doesn’t sound like your brand, your audience will pick it up right away. 

Stay SEO savvy

If your team has created a unique hashtag, then make sure it’s searchable, short and easily shared. Take into account how to stay SEO savvy even in during the holidays by doing your research. 

Keep up to date with real-time conversations

You never know if a conversation will pop up that can open up opportunities for your brand. Stay on top of real-time interactions using relevant hashtags and keeping up with what is trending. 

Watch the watch

Timing is key, especially when it comes to holidays with a short time frame like a major sporting event or New Years Eve. Maintain media buzz throughout but make sure to get in on the conversation at the right time! 

Generate conversions

When participating and engaging on online conversations, have a call to action in mind. Join conversations with a view to engage audiences as well as drive the potential customers to your website to learn more about your brand. This can be done easily by including a link to your website. 

Offer something of value

The best way to make the best of the holidays to with something of value to the customer – this could be a discount for the holidays, or a free gift with every purchase. Anything that makes people feel like they’ve scored a good deal can be a great way to boost sales during the holidays. 

 About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR Agency.


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  1. Carl Hymans on November 8, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    Great advice Ronn on how holidays can be a vital and beneficial part of a social media marketing plan. Thank you for posting.