Ronn Torossian on How To Make the Most of Talented People


In most of the US, unemployment rates are so low that finding new skilled employees and leaders for your company is difficult. That doesn’t mean that if one of your people causes more problems than they solve that you have to keep them. But before letting anyone go, consider if that employee might be a better fit for another slot in your organization. That’s really basic information, but now let’s talk about other ways you might help your people connect their skills and talents with the jobs they do in your company.

Develop In-house Training

What your company offers has unique guidelines and information. So teaching people, emphasizing organization traits, and allowing people to ask questions in a group setting helps your people and your company. Allowing people to learn together helps them build bonds so their work in the company in the future is assisted by others and they build a company culture that fits for what they need. The organization benefits when people start asking questions in a group format. For that to happen, some level of trust is in place, but questions often lead to brainstorming and people come up with new and possibly better ways of doing things for greater efficiency as well as innovations.

Take a Look At Your Leadership

What are their strengths and weaknesses as leaders? You want our leaders to empower, inspire, and motivate the people they lead. Do any of your leaders need help in those areas? Would they benefit from a leadership training weekend with motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, or others? Have that conversation with people, either in a group or individually, to find out what they think would be beneficial, as well as can they take a few days from family to hone their skills. If they can, get the costs in your budget and plan for it to happen as soon as possible. The sooner they improve their skills, the sooner your company benefits.

If that isn’t possible, then help leaders develop communication skills and give them the chance to improve them while dealing with the people they lead. Honesty and transparency are also a big point of effective leadership.

Company Culture

Creating a company culture that is based not just on what you produce or provide, but who your workers are, what’s most important to them. If you have a lot of younger workers, who are willing to work for a lower wage if they can get time off for travel and fun. Think about ways to make the working environment reflect that. You might have a game room, or have several nice travel posters around the office. Have experiential events such as breakfast beverage morning where lots of different types of coffee beans, teas, flavored hot chocolates to sample along with a wide array of donuts and Danish.

You could also consider workstations that have the option of doing work while on a treadmill, for large spaces have several Segways that people can move about quickly and easily.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.