Ronn Torossian On Great 2019 PR Campaigns


Every year PR remains competitive – Here’s some great PR and marketing campaigns that we’ve spotted this year:

A Campaign on Loneliness

It started this year, but it’s going to be a campaign that’s going into the new decade. This is a campaign that’s going to bring people’s attention to the difficulty of being lonely in their old age – as well as being able to do something about it.  This campaign was started by Age UK, a company working with Cadbury, and these two companies have decided to bring attention to elderly people who are struggling with loneliness. In fact, hundreds of thousands of older people tend to spend an entire week without being able to talk to a single person. That’s why Cadbury decided to make a limited edition chocolate bar without any words on the wrappers, a symbol of the profound loneliness that older people have to live with.

Revisiting the Good Old Days – in the Present

This fall, Spotify decided to launch a brand new outdoor campaign that highlighted the differences between this decade and past ones. Their campaign, aptly named ‘Listen Like You Used To’, engaged audiences with banners and billboards in big cities that allowed people to remember how and what they used to listen to – when they were younger. For example, a billboard showed the year 1979, with the caption ‘London Calling’, which was the year the Clash released their album bearing the same name in the UK. Underneath it, the year 2019 was captioned with ‘Conference Calling’ – something we’re all a bit too familiar with in the present day.

Bees are Still Important

In the last few years, we’ve all noticed various campaigns by companies talking about saving the bees as well as their importance in our planet’s ecosystem. To help spread this message effectively, Sweden’s McDonald’s restaurants decided to make billboards that advertise the business as well as make new homes for the bees. The company found out that having wooden billboards, with holes drilled within the text, could make for a great home for the bees, as well as other insects. These bee hotels, as they’ve named them, have popped up in various locations in Sweden.

What a great time it is to work in Public Relations.

Ronn Torossian On Great 2019 PR CampaignsAbout the Author: 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian is proud of his agencies work in digital marketing.