Ronn Torossian Marketing Tips On Maximizing Marketing as a Solopreneur

Working on your own presents a unique set of challenges. For those in the marketing industry, handling client’s marketing requests can be overwhelming. But most of the “solopreneurs” or freelancers out there prefer to work on their own. For them, success is all about maximizing their time and working smarter, not just harder. 

What do we mean by working smarter and not just harder, in this context? Simply put, working on one’s own requires a lot of discipline and time management. Finding ways to streamline your work process will not only save you time, but it will also allow you to truly make the most out of your billed hours. 

Juggling Client Work 

As a marketing freelancer, you quickly become known as an efficient worker who can handle multiple projects at once. While this may be true for many freelancers, how does one start off and get to this point? 

Juggling client’s work is not an easy task. Whether it’s handling social media or Google Ads — or both — there is always plenty of work to be done, usually on fairly aggressive timelines. But never fear! 

Put technology to work in these scenarios. Artificial intelligence has become a larger part of the marketing industry simply because the predictive abilities of data as it pertains to consumer behavior make marketer’s jobs easier. It’s now easier to automate processes such as collecting data and insights, managing customer information and even scheduling social media. 

Find ways to automate or streamline as many work processes as possible. While marketing certainly requires a human touch, there are plenty of elements that can still be automated, or at least made to be more efficient, thus saving time and allowing the marketer to focus on using their brain for creative or strategic purposes. 

Managing Your Time Properly 

Time management is an essential skill for marketing professionals, particularly those who work on their own. It’s easy to get sucked into low hanging fruit type of work, spending entirely too much time on a project that should only take an hour or so.  

There are several different methods for managing time, so it’s about testing techniques and finding the best fit for each individual. Not everyone will find the same system to be useful, so experiment!Many who work on their own prefer to schedule out their time in chunks of hours. For example, working on one client’s work for two hours, followed by the next client for two hours, and so on. Others prefer to schedule tasks in the same format. Still, others will dedicate entire days to one type of work, separating their work week into these larger chunks to help them stay on task and focused.  

Managing time is one of the key ingredients to success as a marketing freelancer or solopreneur. Managing multiple clients and staying on top of all of the elements of marketing you may be in charge of adds up quickly. Everyone needs a working system to help them accomplish the most and pull out the least amount of hair in the process. It’s important to prioritize this so that the marketing professional can focus on what’s most valuable, rather than spinning their wheels in despair.  

Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of NY based PR firm 5WPR.