Ronn Torossian: Are You Investing In Your People?

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

With the economy growing, the unemployment levels very low, and younger employees wanting different benefits than the traditional ones of more money, better job titles, etc., it’s time to look at how you are investing in your people. As things are now, it’s harder to get great people since they aren’t actively looking for another job, unless they are not satisfied where they are. You don’t want to be the employer that is losing people from dissatisfaction!

Ronn Torossian- Are You Investing In Your People?Great Options for Benefits

Employee Development is one of the best options for both the employees and the company. If your people keep learning new skills and deeper understanding about topics, they can bring that back to their job. What they learn may not even need to have a direct correlation to their job or your brand. Allowing workers to go to seminars, take classes, even teach classes to others at the company, can offer the organization an opportunity for rapid growth in many areas.

As people learn new things, they usually get excited about learning, that brings more energy into the workplace. As the employer or team leader, you want to balance how much time is away from the job for learning, but allowing an hour or two a week, may still allow for increases in the company balance sheet. Just remember, this is also a long-term investment, so it may take a while to see major benefits at the job.

Added Responsibilities becomes a natural result of employee development. As your people learn more, they will naturally take on bigger tasks. Usually, leadership qualities are also developed as they gain confidence in what they know and can do. And knowing that all the work may pay off in better placement in the company, more chances for growth, and solidifying their employee satisfaction.

Forward Thinking also begins to happen for leaders and employees. When employees know you not only allow, but encourage and pay for, employee development, they naturally begin to look for what they want to learn and how quickly they can start that process. They begin to plan a deeper future with the company, but also they may plan for how they can make the company better as well.

You’ll still be looking at trends and needs for your company going forward, but employee development done right, means many of your people will be looking at those concerns too. They’ll also know that you value them and their contribution, so when they see something you might have missed so far, they’ll bring it to you. That’s a win!

As you plan for how to help your employees develop their skills, understanding, and talent, look at it as an investment rather than a cost. It’s worth it to your bottom line.


About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, which is constantly hiring PR professionals. Follow him on Facebook here