RocketFuel Blockchain and Sila Transforming Online Payments


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Blockchain-based checkout solution RocketFuel and digital wallet API provider Sila announced a partnership to transform and disrupt current electronic payment methods.

The partnership will see RocketFuel’s ecommerce blockchain based check-out technology platform, join Sila digital wallet with linked bank-account to reach new customers and sales channels.

“We are pleased to partner with such a forward looking and innovative company that understands the value and importance of offering access to secure blockchain based digital payments, focusing on protecting sensitive consumer data details and ensuring frictionless and with high cart conversion rates. We believe that by adding the Sila payment methods, digital wallets linked to any of the around 400M US bank accounts our approach and offering to our merchants will be improved significantly,” said Gert Funk, RocketFuel’s CEO.

RocketFuel is developing what it believes will be the first check-out solution on the market focusing on enhancing customer data protection enabling consumers to pay for goods online without expositing spending credentials and other personal data to 3rd parties. The partnership between RocketFuel and Sila is built for to expand frictionless and simple payment and check-out solutions to both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar merchants and at the same time widen the sales channels.

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Source: Blockchain Wire


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