Richard Painter, Minnesota’s Democratic Senate Candidate; Corruption and the Great Partisan Divide


Watch Richard Painter and Other Top Talent in Legal, Media and Communications on June 13th at #TruthonTrial.

Richard Painter, Former White House Chief Ethics Counsel & S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota  sits down with Doug Simon for a quick preview of the upcoming live-stream “Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators Ethics and the Collapse of Institutional Trust”. Featuring: Ty Cobb, Former Special Counsel to the President during the Trump administration; Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent, CBS News; Richard Painter, former Chief White House Ethics lawyer during the George W. Bush administration; Ambassador Norman Eisen; Richard S. Levick, Chairman & CEO, LEVICK, and others …

Douglas Simon will be interviewing them about how today’s communicators need to navigate story-telling in a world where fake news and biased-information can affect the truth and institutions in the United States. Register for the FREE webcast here.


Doug: Richard, If you were talking to leaders in business in the community, why they should be tuning into this piece we are doing “Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators Ethics and the Collapse of Institutional Trust”?

Richard Painter: Business owners have a great stake in what goes on in our government. If we don’t have sound management in our government and ethics in our government, we have conflicts of interest in government, unpredictability. That creates an economic climate that is at best uncertain for business owners and at worst catastrophic. We need to focus on the quality of our political regime as well as on economic growth because instability in the political arena, corruption in the political arena-ultimately will bring down the economy and will be all of us much poorer as a result.

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