Resumes: 7 Items to Remove


Liar, Liar - 10 Reasons Not to Lie On Your Resume

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Resumes should be customized to each opportunity. They must also be clear and concise. To accomplish this start by removing any information that should not have been on a resume anyway.  These items should be removed immediately:

  1.  Old information.  You can keep the company, title and dates of employment but delete any bullet points from older positions.
  2. Old skills.  There is no reason to list Microsoft word or any specific programs unless asked for in a job description.
  3. Your photograph.  Unlike CV’s used overseas, resumes in the US should not have your photo.
  4. Personal information. Your date of birth, marital status, religion, political affiliation or any other personal details should be removed. This also includes hobbies etc.
  5. Expired or irrelevant certifications/licenses. You only need to mention current ones and, only, if required for the position.
  6. Testimonials/recommendations do not belong on your resume. You can keep a separate document, if you wish.
  7. Languages.  List any language you speak/write fluently. If the position requires a language and you are not fluent, use your cover letter to cover that.  Say you speak but don’t write the language etc.

Review your resume and be merciless about what’s on it.  You want to highlight the important information and have the white space so it shows!