Resume Trends: 5 Tips to Keep Your Resume Current this Summer

I’ve been reading about new resume trends.  While you will never have a resume that everyone likes, you must make sure yours is current and that means more than keeping it updated. Communications professions must be extra careful as we are the trend watches for our companies and clients.  Here are some of the trends that I’m seeing:

1. Technology. Secretaries/assistants are gone; you must do your own computer work, as well as being aware of what’s new. You may not be a tech person, but you need to put your technology knowledge on your resume.

2. Delivery. Do you attach your resume or send a link? You don’t know the preference of your audience, so do both and bring a hard copy to the interview.

3. Pages. One-page resumes are out. If you have experience, you need to present it. Two pages is the norm, but three is acceptable.

4. Dynamic? Buzz words are out. If you are selling yourself as innovative, team-oriented, fast-paced and entrepreneurial, it’s time to redo your resume.

5. Looks. With job boards, company postings etc., the average hiring manager is seeing many more resumes. Resumes need to have more white space and larger type to make them easy to read. Also, think about branding your resume. Get rid of the summary or objective and use your expertise as a lead.

Overall, it’s becoming increasingly critical to make your resume stand out in the crowd. The trend is for easy-to-read and information packed resumes. Maybe it’s time to redo yours and give yourself a fresh start this summer.


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  1. Paulette Barrett Career Coaching on July 5, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Good resume tips, Marie, especially in #5: “Use your expertise as a lead.” I tell my clients they will turn a resume into an interview by showing right up front that their expertise and experience add value to their employer’s company.