Resignation Letters: 6 Steps To Writing One


Resignation Letter


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Writing a resignation letter is a very important step. You want to leave in a professional manner so your resignation letter must be cordial and thoughtful without burning bridges on your way out. Here are some steps to make sure you letter is perfect.

  1.  Your letter should be short and concise.  A resignation letter is not the place to list your grievances. Aim for two paragraphs with the last sentence stating your willingness to assist with the transition process.  End with a salutation and a thank you.
  2. Start your letter with the intention to resign and mention the title of the position you are resigning from.
  3. Then detail your plans.  Include the date you want to leave, list any items which need to be returned to the company and include any questions you have about this process.
  4. Next, say that you appreciated this opportunity and add anything about the company, leadership etc., if you wish.
  5. It’s up to you if you mention where you are going.  It’s not necessary.
  6. Now deliver the letter.  You can do this in-person or via email, if necessary.

Most companies will schedule a meeting with HR to go over the details etc.  If you had issues which you want to discuss, you can do in here or schedule a meeting with your boss.

Happy Moving On!