Reports on How Investors Consume Investor Relations Content

New "Shareholder Confidence 365 Study"

One year in the making, PR Newswire whitepaper offers new insights on IR “content marketing”


The Shareholder Confidence 365 Study is an ongoing survey targeted to the three key constituents with whom public companies communicate: institutional investors, individual investors and the financial media. Distribution includes an opt-in list of 20,000 individual and professional investors sourcing over 10,500 individual responses. The data found within the white paper is unedited.

The Shareholder Confidence 365 Study is available for download here.

VintageFilings1Study questions:

  • Would you / do you invest in a public company that does not have an Investor Relations website?
  • For the stocks that you CURRENTLY OWN, how often do you visit the Investor Relations websites of those companies?
  • When researching NEW stock investment opportunities, do you visit the Investor Relations websites of those companies?
  • What is the #1 reason you visit a company’s Investor Relations website?
  • Where do you regularly view stock price charts and graphs?
  • Where do you regularly view SEC files?
  • For the stocks that you CURRENTLY OWN or follow, do you receive their news releases directly from the company via email? (Investor relations alerts)
  • For the stocks that you CURRENTLY OWN or follow, do you listen to the company’s quarterly earnings webcasts?
  • When researching NEW stock investment opportunities, do you listen to the company’s quarterly earnings webcasts?
  • When do you listen to earnings calls?
  • In comparison to audio-only earnings webcasts, would live video webcasts of a company’s CEO inspire more trust?
  • Do you read written transcripts of a company’s earnings call?
  • Do you use Twitter and/or StockTwits for stock research and investor news updates?  
  • Have you ever / do you use the advice from investment blogs / stock opinion newsletters?
  • How often do you suggest or recommend specific stocks and investments to other people?
  • Do you use an iPad or similar mobile smart device / tablet?
  • For the stocks that you CURRENTLY OWN or follow, do you read the Annual Reports of those companies?
  • When researching NEW stock investment opportunities, do you read the Annual Reports of those companies?
  • If you read Annual Reports, what format do you prefer?
  • Have you ever physically attended an Annual Shareholder Meeting?
  • Do you exercise your annual vote regarding Annual Report / Proxy issues?
  • Do you watch or listen to companies’ investor presentations online? (webcast slide presentations)
  • Do you regularly attend investor conferences to watch/listen to company presentations?
  • Have you ever asked a question directly to a public company / investor relations department by telephone or email?
  • Does a company’s “corporate governance” (Board of Directors, CEO compensation, etc.) weigh in on your investment decision?
  • Does it matter to you which stock exchange your investments (public companies) are listed on? 

The study’s creator, Bradley H. Smith, Director of Marketing for PR Newswire and Vintage Filings, was interviewed in IR Magazines’ recent article titled IR websites: overpriced and underused: Who visits and for what? An aficionado has been getting answers.

From IR Magazine:

Smith is an astute observer of IR websites having worked at before and after its acquisition by NASDAQ. A pioneer blogger in the IR sphere, he has always made his objective clear: he’s a marketing officer selling products and services – including PR Newswire’s IR Room for creating and hosting IR websites. But he is also intent on uncovering points of best practice for IROs.

‘I wanted to know very tactically who is looking at all this stuff on IR websites and how investors are consuming the content,’ Smith says. ‘If 25 percent of users only go to company websites once a quarter, then companies are spending $15,000 a year and up on a tool that’s just sitting there.’

Smith’s point is not that the spending is wasted but that it may be misdirected. He doesn’t doubt websites are critical; over half of the investors he surveyed said they wouldn’t invest in a company unless it had an IR website.


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