Remembering Al Golin (1929 – 2017)


Fay Shapiro, Publisher,

Remembering Al GolinKid, you need to go for it.” Words of wisdom from Al Golin, a man I was fortunate to have as a mentor. He was inspirational in the launch of back in 2010.  We “went for it.” While we are all sad to learn of Al’s passing, CommPRO wants to celebrate the life and accomplishments of this public relations pioneer.

I first met Al some 30 years ago while I was with Bacon’s (now Cision) in Chicago.  Al and the late Robert H. Bacon, Jr., were industry pioneers.  Dan Edelman, Al Golin and Harold Burson would often be invited to visit Bacon’s to review the new PR products we’d be developing.  One of my early product “pitch” meetings was with Al Golin.

I never forgot our first meeting.  There’s a certain quality that most visionaries possess that leaves an indelible impression and Al had it and more.  He founded his firm in 1956 and, like so many founders, had a unique vision for how things should be done.  His impact on our industry is still being felt to this day given his agency’s many creative and highly memorable campaigns for, among others, McDonald’s, Walmart, Unilever, Texas Instruments, Johnson & Johnson and others.  As a result of his unique vision, his firm became a powerhouse within the industry.

Al Golin was part of a group of practitioners that made up the “Greatest Generation in PR” (see accompanying story), which includes such luminaries as Harold Burson, Dan Edelman and David Finn.  Pioneers, rather than settlers, they blazed the trail for others to follow.  Al will be missed; however, he leaves behind a rich legacy and a great example for those yet to come.

NOTE:  When I was Jack O’Dwyer’s publisher, I was fortunate to be part of the ‘Greatest Generation in PR’ event.  It is a treasured memory.  Much appreciation to my friends at for sharing this feature with the CommPRO community.  We welcome your comments and memories about Al Golin



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  1. Jean Saucier on at 6:41 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing this! An indelible mark left in our industry and we are better for it.

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