Relieving Back Pain in the Office (INFOGRAPHIC)

Brian Wallace, Founder & President, NowSourcing

Back pain in today’s world is becoming a huge problem and the causes are surprising as well as very common – it’s the most common disability worldwide. Some major posture mistakes that can lead to back pain are bad back positioning, stress, muscle strain, and even obesity. Americans are working longer and longer hours now than in decades – and our bodie s are feeling the results of prolonged sitting, standing, and moving repeatedly. Main causes of injury relating to back pain are force when trying to lift or trying to move objects that are too heavy, repeating the movements or motions, especially when the spine is twisted, and inactivity when sitting for long periods of time with inadequate back and neck support. Posture mistakes that lead to back pain are craning forward, which can lead to overextended muscles which translates to tension in the back and shoulders, slouched back can make the back and neck strained by extreme and awkward backwards angles, and an extended or raised neck or chin can cause pressure on the neck, shoulder, and back.

Back pain as well as causing discomfort and pain also costs lots of money for those it afflicts as well. Lower back pain has historically cost Americans upwards of $100 billion per year- much due to lost wages and productivity. 50% of all working Americans have admitted to work absence due to back pain which equates to 264 million days of work lost every year just to back pain – that is nearly 2 days of work missed for every full time worker. 

Another huge cost of back pain is healthcare as Americans pay at least $50 billion or more in health care costs alone each year. Almost 95% on healthcare can get by with moderate care and expenses, but those who need procedures, surgery, and therapy may find that costs for these things can add up very quickly. Physical therapy per session is $50 to $100, walking assistance equipment is also $50 to $100, surgery, after insurance can cost anywhere from $200 all the way up to $2,000 but without insurance the prices for these items can balloon to shocking amounts as surgery without insurance can cost $50 thousand up to an outrageous $150 thousand and above.

Other than costing a lot, back pain can affect the quality of life of those that it plagues. Pain can affect mood, concentration, and even appetite. Back pain can also be a hindrance to the ability to do everyday activities – repetitive chores involving standing or moving can become very difficult. Not knowing the causes of pain can be frustrating and anxiety inducing.

So if back pain is so prominent and debilitating, what can be done to prevent it? Quick fixes like ice and heat can improve symptoms, but aren’t effective at treating the origin of pain. Find out the many ways that you can do at home and work, what your employer can do, and how tech can help to treat back pain here.

Back in Pain: How Everyday Activities Hurt Our Spines
Source: Online Mattress Review

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