Recruiters: 8 Candidate Turn Offs

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

What turns a recruiter off?  SHRM (Society For Human Resource Management) asked talent acquisition professionals what the red flags were during an interview.   The meeting between a candidate and a recruiter is an extremely important one.  It is the meeting that decides if the candidate will move on to meet the hiring manager.  A recruiter’s input could also play a big part in whether the applicant is hired or not.  It is crucial to create a favorable impression during this step.

The following items are recruiter’s biggest turn-offs:

  1.  Not showing up with a resume.  Candidates should always bring at least three copies of their resumes with them.
  2. Not being prepared.  Applicants are judged by the amount of effort they put into the interview.  You must show up prepared, ready, open to conversations/opportunity and be able to go with the flow.
  3. Not showing an interest.  Candidates who don’t show any interest or enthusiasm in the company or its mission but express a desperate willingness to take the job.
  4. Mass applying to jobs.  You should never ask a recruiter to refresh their memory as to the job.  You should be selective and interested in the jobs you want.
  5. Not being truthful.  When applicants come across as inauthentic, speak in generics or talk about accomplishments they don’t own, they lose a recruiter’s trust.
  6. Moving jobs.  When the reasons for moving between jobs/roles doesn’t make sense or the story doesn’t seem plausible, your credibility is gone.
  7. Use the interview.  Companies spend a lot of time and money on the interviewing process and using this process and job offer to get a raise is wrong.
  8. Become over friendly.  You must be careful to not cross professional boundaries.  No flirting, becoming chummy with the recruiter, please.

Researching the company and the role, showing strong interpersonal and communications skills, being honest and enthusiastic and asking appropriate questions is the way to a recruiter’s heart!