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2018 is a record year for PR agency and digital/active  agency acquisitions. It’s been like the Wild West.  It’s hard to get out of Acquisition City what with all the great offers and all.  Acquisition is the new norm.  Sellers and buyers depend on it to grow and prosper.  Organic growth, hit the road.  Take a ride with Art Stevens, managing partner and Rich Jachetti, senior partner of The Stevens Group to get insights into why the acquisition route is now the prevailing way for buyers to achieve critical mass, synergies and complementary niches.  Be prepared to emerge from this insider’s report with greater clarity on why acquisitions are indeed the new norm.

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About the Experts

Art Stevens
Managing Partner
The Stevens Group

Art Stevens literally knows the PR industry at every level and in every aspect, from the inside out and from foundation to pinnacle. Art knows what makes a PR business successful, profitable and valuable. A prolific writer as well as a dynamic executive, Art is subtle, observant and quietly creative, yet not opposed to a good measure of “brandstanding” when appropriate.

He has been valuing agencies, brokering mergers and acquisitions, and providing strategic advice for ten years. Art is a former owner and CEO of LobsenzStevens, a Top-20 independent PR agency, which Publicis Groupe acquired.  He can be followed on Twitter @ArtS1735


Rich Jachetti
Senior Partner
The Stevens Group

Rich joined the firm as Senior Associate in January 2015 and in October of the same year was named Senior Partner. Rich owned his own public relations agency for eight years and in 1987 merged his firm with LobsenzStevens. For nearly a decade, Jachetti served as an executive vice president and group manager of LobsenzStevens where he worked side-by-side with agency founder and CEO Art Stevens on, among other things, the selection and due diligence of L-S’s subsequent multiple PR agency acquisitions.Before joining TSG, Rich founded emotionmapping, LLC, an integrated marketing communications company based in Westchester, New York that specialized in providing advertising, PR, sales promotion and digital marketing consultation and services.

In 1996, he joined one of the country’s leading, and award-winning sales promotion agencies, DVC Worldwide, and served for eight years as part of that agency’s team of senior executives responsible for new business development and the expansion of business among the firm’s existing client base.

In his career, Rich has helped companies in multiple industry categories become wealthy, famous, respected winners. Advertising, promotional marketing and public relations campaigns he has developed over the past 40+ years have helped convince customers/stakeholders to choose, trust, try, recommend, respond, read, write, stop smoking, start exercising, contribute, vote, take their medicine, travel, merge, hire and buy depending on the clients’ business objectives. He can be followed on Twitter @emotionmapping 

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