Reality TV and Social Media Star, Foodgod, joins “The Future of Social & Influencers: During & Post Pandemic” Webinar


CommPRO Editorial Staff

On Tuesday, April 14 at 2pm ET, top communications professionals will host a webinar on the shift of socialization following the coronavirus outbreak. Television personality and social media star Foodgod will share his thoughts with 5WPR CEO, Ronn Torossian, and Talent Resources CEO, Michael Heller leading the conversation. As a social media, TV star and dining connoisseur, Foodgod will give insight into all things relating to the future of our social scene both online and IRL including social media, events, restaurant culture, and more.

“Before coronavirus, consumers weren’t required to confront their daily outings. Socializing was simply a way of life you didn’t give extra thought to beyond the price tag,” said 5WPR Founder and CEO, Ronn Torossian. “We don’t know yet if and when we will return to the previous level of comfort we were so familiar with when leaving the house to attend events, travel, or dine out. We need to prepare for what the post-pandemic culture of socializing looks like, and what that means for these industries.”

“The social landscape and variety of platforms will continue to evolve daily especially with what we all are facing,” said Michael Heller, CEO of Talent Resources. “More than ever engagement numbers are on a steady incline and consumers are more in tune to the messages being shared by brands and influencers. The ultimate test will be how the audience responds to the content that will determine the ability for a brand to bounce back once the pandemic subsides.”

5WPR continues to partner with leading digital, marketing and communications professionals to produce a COVID-19 Communications webinar series. Register for the third installment, “The Future of Social & Influencers: During & Post Pandemic” here.


About Foodgod

TV personality and social media star Jonathan Cheban got his famous name “The Foodgod” from his A-list palate of all things culinary — and boasts an Instagram following of almost 4 million that track his food adventures around the globe. Widely known for his recurring roles on TV, particularly “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Foodgod is now the biggest food influencer online and has the decadent diet to prove it. Recently honored as, The Food Influencer Of The Year (Monaco 2018), he was named “The Most Influential Name in Food” by Food & Beverage Magazine and appeared on the cover of the LA Times announcing his rise to a dining deity.

His delicious snaps of favorite foodie spots from New York and Los Angeles, to Iceland and beyond garner major attention as he dines, drinks and globe trots with celebrities, chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs. He even has his notorious moniker inked on his arm. The food correspondent for Dr. Oz, he has also appeared on hit TV shows like “The Spin Crowd” and “Celebrity Big Brother House” and is a regular personality in the media for his international taste and style. 

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